Sunday, 28 August 2011

This is my one and only tat and I wnted to explin its meaning to all you people.
I have three dragon flys tattooed on my ankle. one is a large one with swirly bits coming off the head and tail. that represents me and the swirls all the changes and different paths my life has taken so far. the other two dragonflys are smaller and pink, they are my two daughters and they are flying in the path behind the bigger dragonfly. that is supposed to show them following in the path ive beaten but they are also off to each side slightly to show they are free to choose their own paths as well. I plan to add another green one to represent my step daughter, she will fly next to my dragon fly to show that i am guiding her but by no means expect her to follow me. I left ample room to add a blue one one day wink wink husband…

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