Tuesday, 2 August 2011

baby rabies

I have the baby rabies (as I heard it said the other day, it cracked me up) and am soooooo wanting, so much it hurts, another baby. We already have 3 children between us and he is well and done having kids, he is dead set agianst any more kids, at all, ever.
we got married in april and I think he feels that now hes compleated the family by us getting married and bringing all the kids together as one ‘real’ family, But I feel as if our family has just begun to start….

This isnt really coming out how I want it to, its hard to put what im feeling into words, but I need to try and express this in a way others might relate to.

I really want an attempt at giving him a son (we have three girls) and I want to fill my table so that there is no empty seat at dinner time; I want to have an even number of kids and drive a mini bus; I want to be a mother to one more kid, just once more. I loved to be pregnant the last two times and love watching them grow and change, Now i think its time for me to hold a new life in my arms, a life that my husband and I created together.

actually now that i think about it I want to create a life with my Husband. on some deep level I want to do it the 'right' way, in wedlock I guess. im not religious but it just seems right.

this is cheaper than therapy!

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