Sunday, 14 August 2011


Oh my FUCKING god it is fucking snowing! Im looking out the window as I type this and it is fucking snowing! can you belive it? it never ever not ever snows in rotorua!

Im like a little kid out there catching snow on my tounge and my two year old and four year old kidlets are like 'mum what the hell? its only snow! clam down'

last time it snowed in rotorua i was seven and my daddy whent up mt Ngongotaha, filled up his truck and came and dumed it out on the drive at my school. what a super hero eh?

This is amazing! It is beautiful! I have this little kid excitment in me at the moment, and im fit to burts with it! its better than a high!

ok, im going out side to catch more snow on my touge now. hehehehehehehehehe

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