Tuesday, 23 August 2011

still robbing me 2 years later

I had my house burgaled two years ago by scott, daniel, and josh fowls. they stole a lot of stuff in cluding a mobile phone that was on contract. It was going to cost me $360 to get the contract disconected  and I couldnt afford it because I had to replace $500 worth of food and meat they took. Because of this It went to a debt collectors and I now have a bad credit rating, this has stopped me from getting a mortgage, from putting a set of swings on layby for my kids, and now from getting a job!

I was already to start at a new job with a large jewlery company and as part of the application process they had to run a credit check on me. Somthing to do with working with high price item etc which is fair enough, but because these dick fucks stole a phone back in september 2009 I now cant have this job.

I hope some one that knows these boys lets them know that they are still ruining shit for me and no doubt other people two years later!

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