Monday, 1 August 2011

the joys of asking for a little help

Benefits, we need them sometimes. Yes some people are ‘dole bludgers’ and make a career out of sitting on their fat buts and collecting a benefit every week that the rest of the contry supplies for them via tax payer dollars, but there are some of us who are genuinely in need of a little help to get back on our feet. We are not asking for a weekly wage for the rest of our lives nor do we wnt that.

I went in to WINZ (work and income New Zealand) to ask for some help with paying for a bond for a rental house so as my family and I can move out of my mums house and into place of our own. Now, because my husband is the one who earns the money, the benefit and aid has to be paid to him, fair enough, and in order for me to act on his behalf and have his benefit paid into my account so I can manage the finances he had to sign a form to allow me to do that, which he did, also fair enough. I took all the paper work (half a fucking forest worth)  into WINZ to day for my 9.30 appointment, I waited for 56minutes to be seen, sat down at the desk with the case manager and started to go through my paper work with him. I handed him the redirection form (the one my husband signed to say the benefit could be paid to me) along with a deposit slip stamped by the bank with my bank account details on it. He then told me ‘sorry I need his bank account details to process the application before I can redirect the benefit to you.’ .  He then asks me to shoot down to the bank and get one….It's my husbands account, the bank wont let me.
 ‘well can you ring him and get him to bring one in?’…hes at fucking work!
 ‘ Well you will have to come back tomorrow with a stamped deposit slip as proof of account.’ (!!!!!!) Then he askes me what my good reason is for having the benefit redirected, ‘because my husband and I agreed that I  should handle the finances as I am better at it than he is. He has a history of money burning a hole in his pocket and dug a big hole of debt that he has only recently, with my help, climbed out of. If our bills are to be paid it needs to go into my account.’
‘have you tried a joint account?’
‘yes, but then he has access to the money and he spends it’
‘oh, well just because he spend money isn’t relly a reason to have it redirected to you. Also why you as opposed to any one else?’
‘I’m his fucking wife! for christs sake, I own him now and he shall do my bidding!’ (ok I made that last bit up just now but I wish I thought of it before, this guys name was mohhamed so it would have gone down a treat!)

To bad that I was supposed to move into my rental house tomorrow and I cant do that with out the bond?

So mr. WINZ case manager, where the fuck am I going to live tonight? ‘You could stay with a friend.’
And all my stuff?my furnature and whiteware? Where will I keep that? ‘ask your mum and dad.’

I packed up my small forest of paper work, told him to rebook me with a competent caase manager as soon as possible and left.

Not my finest moment I’m sure but it was preferable to punching the incompetent fool in the teeth! (note to the police: I would never actually do that, just wishfull thinking!)

So back I go tomorrow…stay tuned, hopefully I will see someone that actually gives a fuck?

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