Monday, 27 August 2012

rising costs

I was at the petrol pump today and I over heard an elderly gentleman comet that the price of petrol these days is so high that he could have only brought 10 liters on one weeks wages from his younger days.

Now I dont know what era "his younger days" were, but I can so under stand. The firat time I filled up my car, ever, petrol was about $1 a liter. then we all had a fat cry when it reached $1.80, the again at $2. now we dont even bother to look at the sign as we drive in. I mean $2.50 $1.95, what ever we need it to get from A to B right?

It got me thinking about the rising costs of other things as well. I used my best Google Fu and came up with this list:
1990-$2.15 for 2L
now-$4.24 for 2L

1990-$1.29 for 1 Loaf
now-$2.20 for 1 Loaf

1990-.25c each
now-.60c each


I wonder why we are all broke?

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