Monday, 20 August 2012

Murphys Law

last night in a fit of rage after finding no clean underwear to wear to bed, I did 6 loads of washing. I was pleased as punch. It would cost me $17 to get it all dry at the laundromat in the morning. YUS! clean knickers await me!

well, to day the fucking sun decided to come out. So heres me at the laundromat today after lunch, drying all the washing. And guess what! I was only one of 5 ladies there doing exactly the same thing. I am sure that the sun and the rain have this pact right. It goes like this:

Sun: dude, lets screw with the tiny humans this month a?
Rain: yeah mean plan. What do you have in mind?
Sun: I will shine at 7 am every morning when they get up. Ill stay shining till roughly 9.30 am, by that time they should have all hung the washing out then gone to work, or what ever it is tiny humans do all day. then you can start.
Rain: heh, mean plan. Im in.

(in my head they sound like the brothers of Bro town)

this happens for four weeks, till every house wife/husband/whatever has amassed a huge tower of washing that threatens turn into an avalanche and kill your children when they use the bathroom at 1.32 am. At the end of the four week, we all have a mad fit of "OMG I have n o clean undies and my kids can't go to kindy in their Pajamas!!!!!!11!!1" and do ALL THE WASHING.

the next day we are all at he Laundromat, chating about the shit weather, and admiring the lovely sunshine through the window.


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