Sunday, 21 October 2012

Today in a fit of creativness I....

...decides to make a chest to store all of the board games the kids have. But not just any chest! no sir!
this chest will be made of  MDF board, then covered in foam, then covered on black fabric, then covered in 140 crochet granny squares. this is, of course, if my calculations are correct...which with me is not likely at all.

The little brother has be consulted and commissioned to make the box (during the phone conversation I talked a lot,  not making a lot of sense, while the brother played some sort of RPG or other with one hand and ignored a lot of what I said.) hopefully we have the measurements right between us, but hey, we are kiwis! we can fudge any thing into awesomeness!

So stay tuned for up dates and pictures!

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