Sunday, 31 July 2011

first time

heres the first off the block post ever....

to give you some backround on me ill give you a quick run down of my life:
born 13 dec 1988
raised in a semi rural family in rotorua
went to a catholic high school
got pergnant in 7th form
had babby 2 months before final exams
passed all exams
met my now husbeast at 18
got pregnant to him and engaged at 19
had babby #2 at 19
moved away to 15 minutes from the middle of fucking no where two years ago
got married to husbeast in april (on the beach, beautifull wedding till it pissed down with rain!)
moved home to rotorua last week

So thats me in a nut shell I guess.
Im also a keen crocheter and have degress in teaching speech and drama and in teaching swimming. I love kids and on most days life in general, some days life just sucks dogs balls but theres not a whole hell of a lot we can do about that is there?

any way............ thats me,
 and more next week.

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